Tailored Streaming Solutions for Faith-Based Institutions

House of Worship organizations can greatly benefit from LiveStreamingCDN/Tulix's services, which offer a streamlined, fully-managed solution for live streaming, VOD, Cloud Playout, and OTT. Tulix's advanced technology ensures seamless remote worship, content sharing, and community engagement, enhancing their spiritual connections and outreach with exceptional performance and reliability in a digital landscape.

Key Features


A fully managed service with everything you need to publish and socialize your live channels from a live source.

  • Video Resolution: Up to 4K Ultra HD, ensuring stunning visual clarity.
  • Audio Quality: Studio-grade audio processing for exceptional sound reproduction.
  • Streaming Platforms: Compatible with major streaming platforms, including LiveStreamingCDN's custom streaming portal.
  • Integration: LiveStreamingCDN's flexible API allows easy integration with existing AV equipment and software.
  • Device Compatibility: Accessible from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • Security: Advanced security protocols, including SSL encryption, protect your content and viewers' privacy.
  • Support: LiveStreamingCDN's dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical queries.
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All -in- One Benefits:

All -in- One Benefits

  • Global Reach: LiveStreamingCDN's advanced streaming infrastructure empowers you to connect with a global audience, transcending geographical boundaries.
  • Engagement: Interact and engage with remote attendees through Tulix's interactive tools, creating a dynamic online worship experience.
  • Community Building: Strengthen your congregation's sense of community by offering virtual fellowship opportunities and shared experiences.
  • Flexibility: LiveStreamingCDN's solution ensures continuity in uncertain times, providing an alternative means of worship during emergencies or travel restrictions.
  • Mission Support: Extend your house of worship's mission beyond physical walls, sharing spiritual content with individuals worldwide.
  • Partnership: Rely on LiveStreamingCDN to be your technology Partner for all your technology needs.
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Get Started:

Enhance your House of Worship's digital presence with Tulix's cutting-edge streaming solution. Reach out to our team now to arrange a customized demonstration and discover how Tulix can revolutionize your online interactions.


Jeff Daiker, Faith-Centric Expertise at LiveStreamingCDN
770-802-0579 or jeff@tulix.com

  • LiveStreamingCDN offers free remote encoder configuration via Teamviewer.
  • LiveStreamingCDN provides multi-platform compatible player embed code integration with automatic device detection algorithm.
  • Dynamic streaming with no bit rate limitations. Stream at the highest quality that your uplink connection supports.
  • Streaming platforms support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Smooth Streaming, RTMP (Flash), RTSP, UDP/RTP Relay Streaming.
  • Geo-blocking. Additional charges apply depends on the plan.
  • HD quality. Broadcast in H.264/AAC for the best possible quality and compatibility.

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